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Our sales and marketing services group represents high-tech manufacturers in the global market health industry.


The Animal Health Market alone was valued at 6 Billion USD in 2022, growing by about 8.1% per year to 7.1 Billion USD by 2025.

The Companion Animal Health market projected growth will be from 1.7 Billion USD today to 2.33 Billion USD by 2025.

The Latin American Animal Healthcare market imports feed diagnostic equipment, additives, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines. 




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Our specialists share local knowledge, speak the languages, and know the culture.

  • New Export Markets Search.​

  • Create Export Products, Grow Existing Exports, and Expansion Strategy, Consolidate Market-Share.

  • Product Training. How do you create, train, and motivate your home team and stimulate the distribution partners? ​​

  • After-sales policies and warranty.

  • Compliance, knowing the rules, and regulatory issues.

  • Shipping, understanding the requirements, creating the right documentation, choose your Incoterms.

  • Terms and Collection. Get paid, and deal with International money flows, exchange rates, and inflation.

  • Measure Success. 


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Gustavo Calderon M.Sc, ass. director, senior consultant sales and marketing, large animals, and pet care business. Gustavo had managerial functions with many animal health businesses, such as Intervet, Sheering Plough, Virbac-Centrovet, Cals, and Comvet in Chile.

Mariano Carballo, Ph.D., consultant, R&D, regulatory, and compliance, managed aspects of the Shell A.H. business, Cyanamid and Magnis Uruguay. Mariano authored many scientific papers in Europe, Uruguay, Brazil, and Argentina and he was responsible for presentations and as a lecturer during congresses throughout Latin America.

João Martins Ph.D., R&D, executive director trials Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil.  João has a background in compliance and regulatory activities and conducts field trials on his research facility in the South of Brazil near Santana do Livramento and Rivera (Uruguay).

German Carrillo, MBA, sales and marketing consultant Central America, Colombia, and Mexico, regulatory and compliance director. German worked for many leading companies such as Intervet, and Sheering Plough in Bogota, Colombia.

Jacques van Cruysen, General Manager, director, senior consultant trade & marketing, communications, and strategy. Jacques has decades of experience in the International Animal Health business. After developing the Allflex business in Latin America, he managed the New Zealand Department for Trade & Industry's (J.A.C.) unit in Latin America. He established the Y-Tex export business. In this role, various animal health products were registered with the regulatory authorities in Europe and Latin America. Y-Tex sales of slow-release pest control devices grew exponentially.  



Dominican Republic 

German Carrillo, DVM


German Carillo, DVM


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German Carillo, DVM



Central America /

 Caribbean / Venezuela

Team / Promotor / Consultants & Contact
German Carillo, DVM


Research Scientist & Contact: 
João Martins DVM, PhD


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Mariano Carballo, DVM, PhD..

Chile / Argentina

Team Promotor / Consultant / Contacts: 
Gustavo Calderon, DVM


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